The New Face of Wellness

From wellness architecture to mental wellness, wellness industry is now taking a new turn to improve our overall health and happiness

The New Face of Wellness

It's not just the relaxing spa rituals and rejuvenating wellness routines that lift our spirits – wellness architecture is also a part of that “feel good” vibe, which is taking a new turn starting to utilize designs and materials that improve our health and happiness. It can be as simple as using natural materials or employing plants that help remove air toxins, or at the high-tech end, with hotel rooms that manipulate circadian lighting and dawn-simulation for good night’s sleep of their guests.

Building for human health

Instead of focusing on surface aesthetics, wellness architecture shifted its attention to design and materials that address the physical and mental health, elaborating standards for human health and wellbeing. And there is some serious science behind that - “International Well Building Standard” (WELL) or Mayo Clinic’s new “Well Living Lab” examine how every aspect of architecture and design affects real human beings, in order to present scientifically based, practical guidelines.

These recommendations are already being implemented in hotels and wellness retreats that are positioning themselves as leaders in the wellness architecture movement, from innovative use of biophilic design (finding inspiration in nature and utilizing natural materials) to “smart” buildings with sensors and responsive architecture that can tailor unique health experiences for each inhabitant.

The New Face of Wellness

Beauty meets wellness

In the previous years, the beauty industry was focused on outward appearance and external measures to enhance beauty, mainly through cosmetics and topical products. But now, it embraces a more holistic approach where looking good also means feeling good.

This beauty&wellness trend includes the notion of healing and nurturing from the inside out. The traditional “cosmetic repair” model is replaced with a beauty approach that revolves around prevention by creating health and wellness from the inside - from fixing to preventing, from topicals to ingestibles, from artificial to organic, all rooted in scientific validation.

Healthy mind = healthy body

Mental disorders are on the rise, now more than ever - according to World Health Organization, the number of people suffering from depression or anxiety between 1990 and today has increased roughly 50%, to over 600 million.

Instead of focusing on physical health, which has been dominating the wellness industry and discarding mental wellbeing, mental wellness is discovering new paths to emotional wellbeing and happiness. Wellness industry now tackles with the task to bring discipline back into our lives – from a healthy day and night routine, work-rest balance and the practice of digital detox.

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