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Terms and conditions 4 Seasons Croatia

Terms and conditions of the 4 Seasons Croatia site www.4seasonscroatia.com

Terms and conditions 4 Seasons Croatia

Any use of 4 Seasons Croatia site www.4seasonscroatia.com is subject to the following conditions:

1. Sites Naturala.hr and www.4seasonscroatia.com (below 4 Seasons Croatia) are issued by Nativa media j.d.o.o.

2. All the content published on 4 Seasons Croatia can be read and downloaded for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any copying, reproduction or distribution of the information contained within this website is allowed only with the express permission of 4 Seasons Croatia.

3. Copying is permitted only with reference to all the remaining notes and copyright warnings, warnings about other property of any kind, and any limitations of liability that are listed within the website.

4. All the content published on the 4 Seasons Croatia site, including news, author articles, images, and all the information published by our associates and columnists of 4 Seasons Croatia, as well as any other material on 4 Seasons Croatia site, is for informational purposes only.

5. 4 Seasons Croatia will make reasonable efforts to ensure that information on this website is correct and precise, but makes no warranty as to their accuracy or completeness.

6. All site users agree with the fact that accessing and using the content on the website is at their own risk, while 4 Seasons Croatia site is not liable for any direct and/or indirect damage which might arise from accessing, using or inability to use the site.

7. 4 Seasons Croatia reserves the right to change the content on the page, at any time and for any reason, without notice and will not be liable for the possible consequences of such changes.

8. 4 Seasons Croatia publishes information of our advertisers and collaborators as well as links to third-party information and links to other websites over which 4 Seasons Croatia has no control and assume no warranty for the accuracy or assume responsibility for the content.

9. All discussions of users within 4 Seasons Croatia site (polls, comments, forums, blogs, etc.) were made by the users of the site, and 4 Seasons Croatia site doesn’t check the accuracy of user statements. The opinions expressed in forums and surveys represent the view of site users and do not have to coincide with the position of the editorial board of 4 Seasons Croatia.

10. Purpose of the information contained on this website is not diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease without consulting qualified health professionals. The information contained on portal 4 Seasons Croatia is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and should not be regarded as a basis for making decisions about treatment.

11. Use of this website means that you agree that 4 Seasons Croatia shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage.

12. By browsing and using the content you accept the terms and conditions of the site.