Rest, Relax, Restore and Repeat

If you overdo it with wellness, expect but a few 'side-effects' - boosting the 'happy' hormones, vitality, increased productivity and creativity

Rest, Relax, Restore and Repeat

So many things to do and so little time? The hurried pace of today's lifestyle takes its toll in the form of overload, accumulated responsibilities and growing stress, and the only solution is to restore the physical and mental balance in your life. Fortunately, going to a wellness centre is a chance to take a break from the hectic everyday life - it's time to find inner peace and re-connect with yourself.

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It's time for a massage

Take a walk, meditate, read or choose a spa treatment - all that matters is that you enjoy the activities that please you. One of the ways to relax is definitely massage - besides helping relax your body and relieving muscle pain, scientific studies show that massage reduces stress hormone levels and strengthens immunity. Regular massages bring numerous physical and emotional benefits, as there are several types of massage, from deep tissue therapy to the so-called Swedish treatments, which can be very beneficial for your body and mind. Aside from relaxing and clearing your mind, massages can also work on a specific problem in your body.

Rest, Relax, Restore and Repeat

No toxins, please

Sweating in the sauna is a great way to help the body get rid of accumulated toxins. Because of the heat of the sauna, body temperature begins to rise, blood vessels expand, and blood flow increases.

Increased body temperature in the sauna activates the same body defence mechanism as does an elevated body temperature caused by disease - increased white blood cell formation. Thus induced deep sweating secretes various types of toxins, including chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals. At the same time, the body increasingly secretes good mood hormones (endorphin, serotonin and dopamine) and the growth hormone responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin and hair growth.

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Bye-bye stress!

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that mental illness, including stress and related disorders, will be the second leading cause of disability by 2020. Stress-related illnesses lead to frequent sick leaves and a high percentage of healthcare service usage, to the same extent as do accidents in the workplace or absence due to longterm illnesses.

Each wellness and spa centre is a place for relaxation and getting rid of stress, which now also offer special stress management programs. Such an approach can also significantly increase work performance and help you find new energy for everyday challenges. Therefore, the equation is clear - the more you go to wellness centres, the greater your productivity and better vitality!

Rest, Relax, Restore and Repeat

A sip of water - a sip of health

The benefits of thermal water have been known since Roman times - hydrotherapy with thermal waters improves circulation, has a positive effect on the elasticity and strength of the connective tissue, relieves and treats dermatological diseases, relieves the pain of the musculo-skeletal system and has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effects.

However, the consumption of thermal water also brings numerous health benefits. In addition to bathing in pools, individual baths in thermal water or underwater massage, sipping thermal water additionally helps cleanse the body due to the specific value of the minerals. Drinking water is beneficial for the stomach and other internal organs, and inhaling it is beneficial for people suffering from allergies and all those living in the city.

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Look good - feel good

Today's spa centres offer a combination of advanced skin care using the highest quality natural ingredients with face and body rejuvenation treatments, in a relaxing atmosphere. Procedures such as laser treatments treat various conditions, including hyperpigmentation, enlarged veins, capillaries, or laser hair removal, while body shaping programs, such as anti-cellulite massage or body wrap treatments are growing in popularity. Add to this individualized weight loss programs, fitness and yoga programs that, combined with a customized diet regime, represent a real step towards a healthy lifestyle that should become an ultimate priority for all of us.


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