Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

The upcoming cold days are perfect for laser treatments, which means that you have enough time to do the necessary number of treatments and get the expected results

Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

They are the best option for treating various skin problems – from first wrinkles and age spots, to capillaries and hyperpigmentation. Also, you can remove those pesky hairs and certain skin changes such as moles, warts, stretch marks and tattoos. Furthermore, lasers have found their application possibilities in dentistry as well, in body shaping treatments and snoring reduction. The ideal time for all laser treatments are colder days during autumn and winter, which means that you have enough time to do the necessary number of treatments and get the expected results. Below you can find a guide to the most popular laser treatments on the market which are also a part of the services provided by Bagatin Clinic.

Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

Erasing traces of aging

Our skin loses its power of self-recovery, elasticity and softness with age. You can see certain imperfections and signs of aging that you would like to erase forever or at least mitigate. The laser skin rejuvenation treatment, better known as “Skin Rejuvenation” is ideal for removing small wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin tones. This technique uses the laser beam to reduce aging signs on your skin. It is particularly effective on the skin of your face and neck, but can also be applied to any other area of the skin.

Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

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Permanent hair removal

The use of razors, vax or depilatory creams have become an integral part of nearly every woman’s life. However, thanks to the laser technology, hair can now be removed from almost every area of the skin. Your ally in the process of long-term hair removal is the diode laser equipped with the system that cools the treated area just before the pulse is emitted. The biggest advantage of laser hair removal is that the treatment is quick and it targets tens of hairs at the same time which reduces the number of necessary treatments, it is effective and practically painless.

Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

For skin without scars

It is a big misconception that stretch marks cannot be removed and that the visibility of scars cannot be reduced. Today almost every skin change can be visibly alleviated by the combination of top quality lasers and other complementary methods. The Bagatin Clinic approaches stretch marks and scars in a special, multidisciplinary way, with the help of a combined effect of the Q-switch and fractional laser. The scars are considerably less visible after only a few quick and easy treatments leaving nothing but smooth and more attractive skin.

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Tattoos are not necessarily forever

With the growing popularity of tattoos, there is more and more people in search of its removal. The latest research has shown that up to 20% of people with tattoos had regretted their decision of getting a tattoo. Fortunately, the TattooStar  Effect Combo laser exists today and it is the most effective Q-switch laser on the market which will remove or significantly fade the tattoos. The beam penetrates the skin and reaches the ink particles, the pigments absorb the light energy and disintegrate, and the lymphatic system of the body absorbs and removes them. The procedure is quick and effective, and it does not cause any injuries or scarring.

Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

“Goodbye” to those annoying veins and capillaries

Our legs are the most burdened part of the body. They are exposed to constant weight pressure during long – term standing, walking and sitting. Apparently harmless actions lead to weakened and interrupted circulation which results in varicose veins and capillaries. The most effective method of removing veins and capillaries on the body and face is with the use of yellow and diode laser therapy, which in only a few visits can visibly reduce or completely remove these occurrences.

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Remove the moles and leave your worries behind

Laser removal with the Erbium laser is the simplest method of removing moles and other skin changes such as warts, age spots etc. It is painless, it does not require surgery or stitching, and the results are instantly visible. Also, the laser removal of moles and other skin changes reduces the probability of scar formation, as it is often the case with other removal techniques.  

Lasers – revolutionizing the beauty industry in Bagatin Clinic

If we talk about numbers, Bagatin Clinic is a reference center for 3 top quality and world-renowned laser manufacturers. They have 8 different lasers in their offer which can treat almost all the above mentioned aesthetic problems. The laser expert team comprises of 7 specialists and cosmetologists who have gone through a series of training sessions and have thousands of completed treatments and satisfied patients behind them. The goal is to provide only the most modern, most efficient and safest treatments to ensure top results and fulfill client expectations. And the upcoming cold days are perfect for laser treatments!




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