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High-Quality Diagnostics and Treatment at St. Catherine Special Hospital

St. Catherine Special Hospital in Zabok is a member of a prestigious international organization – The Leading Hospitals of the World

High-Quality Diagnostics and Treatment at St. Catherine Special Hospital

All in one place, using an interdisciplinary approach and state of the art equipment, St. Catherine Special Hospital provides high-quality diagnostics, the best therapeutic and surgical procedures and individualized rehabilitation programs. This guarantees the fastest and least painful return to a normal life, with a quality solution to the patient’s health issue. All of the above has been recognized internationally, which results in patients from the United States, Canada, Ireland, France, Iraq, Libya, Slovenia, Germany, etc. being treated in our hospital.

For the first time in the European market, St. Catherine Hospital and Air Panonia Airline Company have developed a cooperative concept of providing services to demanding patients coming from all over Europe, North Africa, including the northern part of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  

We provide an interdisciplinary treatment approach to each patient, in other words, a team of experts of various specialities is involved in both the diagnosis and treatment, and an operator monitors the patient from the beginning to the end of rehabilitation.

St. Catherine Hospital services:
-    magnetic resonance imaging
-    musculoskeletal system surgical procedures (arthroscopy, joint replacement, foot surgery)
-    all kinds of spine surgeries
-    individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation
-    minimally invasive vertebral surgery
-    neurological diagnostics

High-Quality Diagnostics and Treatment at St. Catherine Special Hospital

Award for Excellence

St. Catherine Special Hospital has been cooperating with the leading European, American and Israeli clinics and specialists. The Hospital is co-owned by one of the largest and most influential healthcare chains in the Republic of Germany, thus being constantly present in the German market. The United States Department of State recommends St. Catherine Hospital to the American citizens who are staying in this part of Europe, as an institution that performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

The Hospital is also a member of "The Leading Hospitals of the World", which makes it one of the few European health institutions that received this prestigious certification. The certificate is awarded to hospitals for their excellence in various fields of work, primarily the quality of service, expertise of staff, etc.  

The great potential of St. Catherine Special Hospital has also been recognized by the European Commission, which awarded the Hospital and Genos Company a grant of HRK 17 million from the EU funds for the project aimed at developing new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with low back pain. The project gathers scientists from a variety of countries: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and the United States. The amount allocated by the European Commission for the realization of this project is the largest amount the Republic of Croatia has ever received for the area of “Health“. 

High-Quality Diagnostics and Treatment at St. Catherine Special Hospital

Diagnostics and Treatment

Our hospital provides almost all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to the musculoskeletal system diseases. Our surgeons perform knee, hip and shoulder joint replacement, to name a few. Of course, the type of procedure depends on the degree of degenerative alterations. Our orthopaedic surgeons use state of the art materials and implants, made by manufacturers from all over the world, such as Arthrex, Johonson & Johonson, Zimmer.

Along with the above mentioned procedures, our medical teams perform foot deformity corrections (e.g. very common type of bone deformity among women – hallux valgus or bunion). Furthermore, our experts use modern methods of cartilage repair with autologous (derived from the same individual's body) conditioned plasma ACP or PRP – Platelet rich plasma, and the application of adipose-derived stem cells.

Individualized Approach in the Management of Patients

St. Catherine Special Hospital performs meniscus transplant surgery, which our patients previously could only obtain abroad. St. Catherine Hospital has a unique program for the diagnosis of painful spine conditions, and our surgical team performs minimally invasive procedures as well as spine surgery. Individualized approach in the management of patients in a specialized clinic for painful conditions of the spine involves comprehensive diagnosis of both acute and chronic pain concerning all segments of the spine.

We provide one of the most comprehensive rehabilitation programs, which includes the treatment of painful joint and spine conditions caused by injury (sports injuries, strain syndrome) or degenerative diseases (arthrosis, degenerative alterations of the spine), as well as preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation after orthopaedic and surgical procedures. St. Catherine's physical therapy clinic is equipped with state of the art medical and exercise equipment.  

High-Quality Diagnostics and Treatment at St. Catherine Special Hospital

First Autologous Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Transplantation

The first procedure of this type in this part of Europe was performed in St. Catherine Special Hospital itself, where Prof. Dr. Carlo Tremolada, a plastic surgeon from Italy and professor at the University of Miami (student of Prof. Dr. Arnold Caplan, “The father of mesenchymal stem cells“) and Dr. Damir Hudetz from St. Catherine Special Hospital, injected adipose-derived cells into the patient's knee. The procedure was performed on a patient with terminal stage four cartilage damage, where the cartilage had been completely gone and two bone surfaces had come into direct contact.


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