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Great recognition for Istrian olive oil

Renowned Flos Olei, the world's only guide for extra virgin olive oil, declared Istria the world's best olive region for 2016

Great recognition for Istrian olive oil

In the edition of the famous guide Flos Olei for the year 2016, Istria is the region with the largest number of listed olive oils. This year's edition of popular and highly respected guide for extra virgin olive oil listed as much as 50 Istrian olive oils, confirming the high quality of the oil produced in this region. Due to the high percentage of representation, the Istrian olive oil surpassed until now leading Italians and Tuscany region, which has so far held primacy in the number of their representatives.

Istrian manufacturers hereby occupy a prominent place in the world market of olive oil, which is in this year's guide represented with a total of 500 olive growers from 59 countries on 5 continents. Guide objectively evaluates indigenous diversity, and Istria can be proud of bjankera, buža and karbonaca, states Tourist Board of Istria.

The success is even greater considering the fact that in the year 2005 this prestigious guide listed only two olive oil manufacturers from Istria, while this year Istria convincingly took the lead.